Made some changes…

A couple days ago I switched back to Mozilla, an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer. In doing so, I noticed some flaws in the script on my page. So, I used Mozilla’s webpage composer to make some edits, so now, things should look right on all formats.

Another change you may notice on the front page is that my “favorite” teams have changed. I’ve inserted the logos of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and Bears. Now, I don’t have a love affair with the city of Chicago or anything like that. I’ve never visited the place infact. Infact, it’s pure coincidence that those three teams play in Chicago. I’ll explain…

I’ve started following the Cubs for a couple reasons. First, Eastern Nebraska is home to a lot of Cubs fans. Many of my co-workers are Cubs fans. My cousin and second cousin in Columbus, NE are Cubs fans. It’s basically the team here. If anything, I just got sucked into the whole love affair with the team.

Secondly, I’ve found it to be rather difficult to watch the Mariners. This is not a new idea to me. It’s just that now my daily schedule doesn’t permit for me to wait until 9 pm every evening to watch baseball where most of the games run to around midnight. I’m working earlier in the day, so, I need my sleep. The Cubs, however, are in the same Central time zone that I reside in, making it much easier to pay attention to the team.

And lastly, Wrigley Field is just plain cool.

Now, the Bulls. I’ve simply fell out of love with the Seattle Sonics after Gary Payton was traded to Milwaukee in February of 2003. Since then, I’ve watched the NBA with little interest. So, I decided on draft night a few nights ago to pick a new team. That’s when I said “I’m going to root for the Bulls”. They have a wonderful history with Michael Jordan and the six NBA championships to fall back on. Besides that, they’re the biggest underdog outside of the L.A. Clippers that I could think of. So, when they do good, at least I can’t be called a bandwagon fan.

As far as the Bears go, I’m a Florida Gator fan down to the bone marrow. It just so happens that the Bears have 5 former Gators on their roster, including one of my favorites, Rex Grossman, the Bears’ starting QB. It’s really that simple.

So, now you know what’s going through my head.

Anyway, hope you all are enjoying the page. Please, take the time to sign the tag board and always remember I’m willing to look at any content you’d like to submit.



~ by Steve L. on June 27, 2004.

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