Ivan Part 2

I never did post an update on Hurricane Ivan after the storm had passed. This is an email I got from my dad a week after the storm hit, the first day he had power.

Finally got power and phone back today. Lost about forty broken shingles, bathroom vent cap, a yard or so of roofing peeled back to the plywood and a 3″ hole punched into the roof. Got about two square yards of stained ceiling but no other house damage. The wind snapped off about 100 feet of 6′ privacy fence and gave us a 10′ x 20′ x 6′ pile of limbs. I am glad that Carolyn (his new wife) made me cut and trim a few trees earlier this year.

One major lesson learned, don’t, under any circumstances, try to eat the “Country Captain Chicken” MRE. Another point, when you pick up a half melted bag of ice make sure you don’t have a hole in the bottom of the bag pointed at your pants. We had running water all the way through, just not proven safe to drink and, of course, not heated. I have never heard Carolyn hit such high notes while singing before.

We were in line with the worst wind here on the west side of Pensacola but in the lee of a banked curve on Fairfield Drive which directs the worst of the East Wind up and over the house. We had steady wind around 100 mph for about four hours and kept an eye on the barometer and cheered when it started back up. East windows took in a little water under the pane but nothing major but a couple of towels got most of it. Some of the gusts shook the house for minutes but doesn’t appear to have shifted anything. Just in this area about 1 in 6 houses has a tree onto the roof and houses in other areas within two miles just disappeared. We were well above the storm surge and almost too close to the center to see the worst of the tornado spin-offs.

We survived Ivan The Terrible and it looks like Ivan The Tantrum is going well west of us. Thanks for the prayers.


The picture above is of the auditorium at Escambia High School, which had part of it’s roof blown off. EHS was about half a mile from where I lived.




~ by Steve L. on October 3, 2004.

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