MLB Playoff Picks

It’s the first part of October and that means it’s time for the Major League Baseball Playoffs. Unfortunatly, the Seattle Mariners are not involved with this year’s festivities, but my NL favorites, the Houston Astros, are. So, time to make my predictions for this year as I’ll break it down series by series.

National League Division Series
Astros vs. Braves
The Houston Astros come in playing the best baseball of any team in the majors. Having said that, you have to respect the Atlanta Braves who have just won thier 13th straight division championship. There’s just something about this Braves team this year. Their pitching was supposed to be worse this year, the lineup took a hit aswell, but, still the Braves come out on top of the NL East. Still, I don’t see a better pitching duo in the NL than the Clemens-Oswalt combo that Houston has.
Pick: Astros over Braves in 4 games

Dodgers vs. Cardinals
The Los Angeles Dodgers did what they had to do to get into the playoffs by winning one game against the Giants on Saturday. The problem is, they had a lead as large as 8 games as recent as a month ago. This was a sign of weakness in my eyes. That’s just not going to work against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards’ big three of Edmonds, Pujols, and Rolen are the best back-to-back-to-back hitters in the majors. Also, if the Dodgers find themselves behind in the late innings, they might as well get ready for the next night as the St. Louis bullpen was nothing short of solid this year.
Pick: Cardinals over Dodgers in a 3 game sweep

American League Division Series

Red Sox vs. Angels
In this rematch of the 1986 ALCS, the Angels come in as division champions for the first time since that series. They did what they had to do to win the division as they came into last Friday tied with Oakland for the West lead making the final weekend series a best of three. The Angels took the first two. Thier reward? The Boston Red Sox, who’s last playoff memory was watching Aaron Bleeping Boone’s game 7 11th inning golf shot soar over the left field corner as the Yankees prevented the Sox from reaching the World Series. I have a gut feeling that Boston is on a mission this year and there’s not really much Anahiem can do about it. However, I don’t expect the Angels to lay down either. Still, I’m pickin the Sox.
Pick: Red Sox over Angels in 4

Twins vs. Yankees
The Minnesota Twins were nearly left for dead as they were a possible canidate for retraction in 2001. Luckly, for the fans in Minneapolis, those plans were scratched and the Twins have gone on to win three straight AL Central titles. That resume will be tested when they take on the New York Yankees and all thier all-stars in a best of five series starting Tuesday. The Yankess come in winning thier division, again, and having home field advantage, again. Still, if there was ever a place that I feel an upset could happen, this is it. Remember the Rams/Patriots Super Bowl 2 years ago? Everyone counted the Patriots out because the Rams had all the players and all the firepower. The Patriots came in and proved that if a group of guys can put thier million dollar egos aside that they can prevail. I feel the Twins could have the same mentality in this series, and they too will prove that a team can beat a group of egos.
Pick: Twins over Yankees in 5

And there’s my first round picks. We’ll see next week how right, or wrong, I really am. Until then, for you baseball fans out there, kick back and enjoy the games.



~ by Steve L. on October 4, 2004.

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