Daddy’s Home

Back from KC. The whole trip filled up my day, litterally.

We started out for KC at about 9am… got there at around noon. It usually does take about 3 hours.

Once there, we met up with my folks, my aunt and about 9 of my cousins (from 2 generations). We ended up eaten at Famous Dave’s BBQ. I didn’t really have an arguement with that, because it is good food. But, being that we had a Dave’s in Lincoln, I kinda would of rather ate at a local jawn. It wasn’t my choice however, and like I said, it’s still good food. Had me a pretty good catfish & rib platter. Not bad.

After eating, we went back to my aunt’s place, had cake, and recieved more gifts.

After that, it was about 7pm, so we decided to head home. Got in about 10pm… by 11, I passed out. So, that was my day yesterday.

Before I sign this thing off, I received a note from my boy Jai in Chicago telling me one of his childhood freinds was killed in a ridiculous act of violence. He asked for your prayers, I just wanted to second that. The shit is senseless.




~ by Steve L. on October 25, 2004.

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