I’m in loooooove with a pothead

Nah, I’m not seriously in love. And no, I haven’t smoked weed in a very very very long time. But, I am gonna marry a pothead.

I was talkin with my girl in Cali and I was tellin her I had the munchies. She suggested that I get some salsa flavored Doritos. Maaaaan, these damn things are off the damn ringer. Now, I’m sure someone who didn’t smoked weed could of suggested these chips to me too. But, I do believe there’s an increased likelyhood that a pothead will find this kind of thing first.

Believe me, I know about this.

I smoked weed before and I always came up with good food. So have some of my high ass friends. I’ve eaten everything from stuffed porkchops with the sides to go with to salsa burgers with nacho cheese to dip em in. I eat good around weed.

So ladies, if you’re cute and you’re high, HOLLA!!!!! LMAO!




~ by Steve L. on November 5, 2004.

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