Just some notes

Just wanted to drop a few things on here.

First, as you can see, I made some changes to the layout. I was finally able to disect the html to this blog template and apply it to the rest of the pages on here. There’s more information about this in the new “about” section. I’ve also started up a sports blog. Obviously, this will be about sports. I figured it would be a way to separate that material from this blog, just incase some of you don’t neccesarily like reading sports. In saying that, for those of you that really know me, expect the sports blog to be updated more often than this one.

Moving along, my brother from California is in town for Christmas. Talk about your contrasts with the Bay Area seeing tempatures in the 50’s while right as I type this in Lincoln it’s a balmy 17º.

I’ve yet to do my shopping for Christmas, mostly because I don’t get paid until Friday. I thought about going out today and getting that stuff taken care of, but the weather has me camping indoors. Hate to say it, but I may wait until Friday being that tomorrow looks to be just as cold, with Friday being warmer.

That’s all for today.




~ by Steve L. on December 22, 2004.

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