Happy New Year!!!

Yup, it’s New Year’s Eve which means it’s not your typical Friday night. But, me being me, I always wondered why humans pick this day of all days to act a fool.

Maybe this morning’s Seattle Times has some good suggestions:

“Some perhaps mourn the passing of another 365 days and nights, the countless missed opportunities, missed connections, unfulfilled potentials that go into a year. Those with more optimistic spirits might be celebrating the victories, large and small, the things that go right, the seeds perhaps just starting to grow, the hope for 2005.”

“Or perhaps might we be celebrating the idea that, despite our seemingly incessant self-destructive urges, the human race is still here?”

“Or are we simply toasting the inherent yet staggering symbolism, the endless cycles that define not only our existence, but all existence?”

In anycase, I’m not going out tonight. For starters, I’m broke. What fun is it to be around a bunch of drunk people if you’re not drunk too? Infact, drunk people are the main reason I don’t want to be out. As hard as some may try to convince you with their stories of “oh my God, I got soooooo drunk last night”, the majority of people I’ve encountered in my lifetime CAN NOT handle their liquor. So, instead, they get tanked and do something increadibly embarrassing and degrading to themselves. Sounds like fun eh?

Besides, I got my own celebration to tend to… hopefully. I plan on sitting down on the couch with some wings or chips and watching the Florida/Miami game. I’m hoping I’ll have my brother to enjoy that with, since he’s on his last full day here before going back to California tomorrow.

Not going out hasn’t stopped me from making any resolutions, however. I actually decided this a month ago, but, I’ve decided I’m going to have no unnecessary expenses this year. I plan on moving out somewhere between April and July, so I need to make sure that I’m managing my money well. Besides, it’s just a good idea in general.

Anyway, for those of you that plan on going out, enjoy yourself, but be safe.

That’s all from me.




~ by Steve L. on December 31, 2004.

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