Snow Day

I got my wish: NO CLASS!!! I just wasn’t really in the mood to go back today, on what was supposed to be my first day back.

So now, I get two days to do absolutely nothing. With no class today and no work today and tomorrow, I’m free to basically vegetate. Today will probley end up being my sleep and laziness day. That’s just a general habit I have whenever I have two days off in a row. First day, I sleep, second day I actually move.

It’s not like anyone would want to go outside today unless forced. We already have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground with another 5-8 expected. There’s even a possibility of thundersnow, which is basically a downpour of snow coming at rates of about 3 inches an hour with, yes, thunder. On top of all that, the windchills are expected to be below zero all day.

I may see what my boy is up to later since I’m sure he doesn’t have class either. Other than that, I’m planning on staying warm

That’s all…




~ by Steve L. on January 5, 2005.

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