Things are looking up

For the first time in my memory, I actually received my W-2 before the end of January. So, needless to say, I took care of my taxes by telefile between yesterday and today. This means, within a week to 10 days I should be receiving a couple tax refunds along with my pay check to my account which will allow me to pay off my tuition, credit card, cellular bill, and my rent all in possibly one day. Bad news is I won’t have but a little more than $40 left. In saying that, at least my biggest sources of stress will be gone.

I have to be straight, this whole deal has taken a toll on me and my body. I have knots all across my shoulder muscles and I’ve had many tension headaces and even some migraines that I would have to think to be related to stress. I also have a nagging cold sore that I can’t seem to shake.

Thanks to Dr. King, I have the day named in his honor off from class and work on Monday, so, I’ll have a chance to rest and be lazy. I’ll probley end up doing some typing for one of my classes, but I’m not looking at spending much time on that. It’s a day off, I’m taking it.

Speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King, please take the time to pay some sort of respect to that man. He is someone who I feel is the most important social figure this country has ever had. Although we’re not quite to the point he wished we could of been in his “dream”, the strides this country has made in the rhelm of social tolerance have been huge. I say that not only on terms of race, but with other issues such as religion, sexual preference, and culture. We can only hope that this nation continues to moving that same direction for future generations.

That’s all from me…




~ by Steve L. on January 14, 2005.

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