It’s official… I hate Windows

I’m sitting here working on my annual report project for class tomorrow, right. It’s getting to be about 8:30 pm, so, I’m getting to the point where I’m getting tired and would rather be doing something else. So, I find myself a nice stopping point thinking I’ll smash the rest out in the morning. Then… BOOYAH!!! The infamous blue screen of death!

I reboot my computer thinking I’ll just open the file back up and make those last minute edits I was going to make for the night then shut things down on that side. Well, Mr. Bill Gates’ operating system decided it was going to play retard on me and act like it couldn’t read the file. I fought through the process of trying to open the file, watching Works freeze, force shutting down Works, then trying the process again only to fail once more. Finally, I go into one of my ftp programs and changed the suffix on the file from .wps to .doc and continued to try to open the file again. I click on the icon, Works sits there for a moment… wahlah, it finally opened. I made my last minute edits and got the hell out of dodge before this computer decided to do anything else stupid.

All this said, I’m getting a Mac. Even if I do have to pay $200-something for PhotoShop this summer.




~ by Steve L. on February 10, 2005.

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