Not sure what to do…

Well, as you can see, the page is just a blog right now.

I’m just not really sure what to so with this place at the moment. I tried hosting a message board. It went over good for a while then fizzled out. Nobody’s posted on it in weeks. It’s kind of frustrating when you advertise by instant messenger constantly and you get nothing in return.

I’m also vexed when it comes to my design on here. I was tired of the all black I had going so I’ve gone to this template. But, I’m too lazy, not to mention occupied, to make this my entire page. So, I’m just leaving things with this.

It looks like I’m going to be rather busy this week. The whole college thing has kicked into high gear. In my first class, it looks as if I’m going to have at least two projects due this week. One is a newsletter that I have to design on my own. I don’t mind working solo so that’s fine. The other is a group presentation for a chapter in our textbook about advertising. I agreed to put together a simple webpage since we can run the teacher’s computer through the projector. I figured that beats having to write all the notes on the board like all the previous groups have had to do. The only thing that’s keeping me from putting that together is that I haven’t received the notes from two of the three people in my group. That’s kind of leaving things stagnant there.

In my other class I’m supposed to design a poster that is inspirational or represents my school or my program. This is something that will be given out at my program’s open house, so, I really want to make this as perfect as I can. I pretty much know what I want to do, it’s just figuring how I want to lay things out. Maybe I’ll bring the rest of the page back when I complete that and put it with my other past designs. Should be fun though.

Anyway, I think that’s it. Feel free to leave you comments at the bottom of each post on here. I like to interact.




~ by Steve L. on February 13, 2005.

One Response to “Not sure what to do…”

  1. Skoo dun give up, I will always be here, so dun delete anything. I have read your site, and believe me, I will be a regular. Smile hun, it will get better

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