Sad day for a hockey fan

Just found out that the NHL has finally canceled it’s season. I do realize that 2/3 of American sports fans and even less of the entire scale of Americans care about hockey, but, I do. I’m a complete nut when it comes to the Colorado Avalanche. I’m religiously dislike the Detroit Red Wings and I’m going to miss trading barbs with a friend of mine in Canada who’s a Wings fan come playoff time.

Thing about it all is this was highly expected. I think hockey fans everywhere saw this coming because both sides (the NHL team owners and the players) were not willing to budge from their agendas. It’s unfortunate for the league and it’s fans because this civil war could very well kill the league. And then what? College hockey is ok, but it just doesn’t have the level of excitement to me that the Stanley Cup playoffs do.

On the other hand, baseball is coming right around the corner. My team, the Seattle Mariners, will report to spring training tomorrow. So, I will fill the hockey-less void. But, it’s still going to be strange come June when there’s no cup hoisted above somebody’s head. Just strange.



~ by Steve L. on February 16, 2005.

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