A Yak?

From the “Only in Nebraska” section (I knew I’d use that phrase again on here) I have this. Something I’ve found as of late is that small town newspapers often don’t have many reporters. Infact, many times, these newspapers will rely on the citizens for their articles. This is one of those cases where I question the rationale of typing up such an article.

It appears Ronda Graff and her family had just seen their family dog run away. Sad I know. Well, it didn’t take long for the family – and the community – to come up with suggestions for a replacement. Ronda’s 4-year old son had a rather good suggestion – another small dog. Makes sense right? Apparently it didn’t make much sense to Ronda and her husband.

Not only did they pass up another dog…

they also passed up a cow…

a goat…

an emu…

then this…

After months of discussion, my husband finally persuaded me that a yak would be the perfect animal. It just so happened that the yak’s arrival came a mere week after the passing of our dog — and it was not a smooth transition.

No, it wasn’t. While on vacation, THEY LOST THE YAK!!!

I wish I was making this up, but look…

He called the owners of the yak and found out that, yes, the yak had been delivered and they were on their way to help with the search.

As we ventured out in the falling snow, looking for a yak we had never seen, my husband and I still maintained our sense of humor: We had just lost our fluffy, wandering dog and now we were looking for a fluffy, wandering yak.

You may be saying to yourself: It’s a yak. How hard could it be to find a yak in Southwest Nebraska? This isn’t the Alps.

This is where it gets tricking. Remember, we were gone when it was delivered, had never seen this yak and the closest we had been to a yak was in a lasagna dinner the year before.

Yak lasagna? What in the…

But seriously, what was wrong with having a small dog? And to think, there’s more to this article. Before this, the only experience I’ve had with yaks was on Ren & Stimpy. This is taking it too far.



~ by Steve L. on February 19, 2005.

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