Respect Due

The US Congress and George Bush finally did something I like. Today, they collectively awarded the late Jackie Robinson with the Congressional Gold Metal, the highest civilian award.

Many will know Jackie Robinson has the man who broke the color barrier in baseball during a time when baseball was king and racial equality was low. The continuous verbal abuse via ethnic slurs, physical threats, and even some death threats that Robinson withstood throughout his career is something that most human beings could not withstand and only higher signifies what Robinson meant to sports and American culture.

However, Robinson’s influence was felt beyond the fences of the baseball diamond. He was one of the pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement often speaking with the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King. Though he was not alone in this fight, nobody could imagine the amount of courage it took to partake in the movement unless they were there themselves.

It’s only right the man was respected in the way he was today.


~ by Steve L. on March 2, 2005.

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