Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Been fighting allergies for the past week. Usually, I never have this problem, but, I understand this kind of thing can happen later in life. Anyways, the trees are budding here in Lincoln, so, I’m getting my ass kicked with allergies. It’s too the point where I’ve sniffled so much that the inside of my nose has bled a little bit. Most of the time I like having the ability to smell, but, now is not one of those times since the only thing I smell is blood. Nasty huh?

So, now I have a headache from smelling blood to go on top of my usual micron from the stress that goes along with having work and classes six days a week. So, life is going fantastically well ((c) OutKast).

On another note, there’s something that’s really annoyed me. After the assumed excitement I received when I brought the message boards back, at this point there’s still nothing posted. I’m very close to take the damn things back down if people don’t use them, so, please post something.



~ by Steve L. on April 4, 2005.

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