K… shit… I’m awake

Keep fallin alseep on this page. Last time I did anything on here I left yall a gross memory of my internal bleeding. Not going to do that today. I will however leave you with how my last two weeks have been.


Today just happens to be my first day off in two weeks. Everyday it’s either been work, class, or both. I got to the point where I skipped my one Friday class just to sleep in. Even with that I still felt dead. I didn’t really wake up until I went to work for the day at 4pm. In any case, I made it… 13 days of hell are over and I’m going to vegetate with the NFL Draft today and the Sonics’ first playoff game tonight. I’ll have more on those soon on the sports blog.

Something else has happened in the last two weeks. Skoo has love in his life now. Wasn’t sure I really wanted it, but, that’s usually when shit happens, right? Anyway, her name is Jamie, she prefers I refer to her as Baby, and she’s been a much needed joy in my life. I probley won’t say too much about her and I on here because I refuse to let yall nosy bastids in on this avenue on my life very often. But, I will say she’s my heart at this moment and that’s all that really matters to me.



~ by Steve L. on April 23, 2005.

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