Time to focus on me

I’m in another one of those long ass streaches where I either go to class for 6 hours or work for 8. This is the 11th day in a row so far and I’m looking at probley another week at least of this. It’s actually to the point where there’s times I feel sick I’m so tired. When I’m not feeling sick, it seems every muscle hurts.

It’s too the point that my girl and I decided to part ways. It really wouldn’t be fair to her if I couldn’t give her the quality time the relationship needs, so, this is for the best.

Last night, after discussing all this with my girl, I crashed on the bed, trying to keep awake during the Sonics-Spurs game. Unfortunately, the apartment got really hot to me to the point where I was too uncomfortable to sleep, keeping me up to see my beloved Sonics lose.

So yeah, last night was great.

Well, it wasn’t all a loss. Earlier in the evening, I went over to the M&N Sandwich Shop to enjoy some good food and good blues music. M&N specialized in making sandwiches with Italian meats like Italian sausages, pastrami, ect., as well as letting anybody who wants to play music on a given night come by and play. Pretty cool atmosphere.

Anyway, I gotta get some breakfast in me before I grind on off to class.



~ by Steve L. on May 18, 2005.

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