Playin’ with Opera

For those that don’t know, there is another alturnative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for browsing the web. Now, I’m a diehard Mozilla Firefox user, but, my curiosity got to me and I decided to play around with the much talked about Opera browser.

Now, I’ve only been playing around with the browser for a couple of hours, but, the first thing I noticed about it is how fast it loads up. Typically, it takes about 8 seconds or so for Firefox to load up on my computer and about the same with Internet Explorer. With Opera however, I’ve constantly counted no more than 3 seconds. That’s a big deal when it comes to internet browsing since you’re going to want to just get on and find what you want.

Opera also offers alot of the same features that can be found in Firefox, such as tabbed browsing and RSS (news feeds) support. Also, simular to the Mozilla suite that the Netscape browser is based off of, there’s an embedded email client and IRC client. However, the email and IRC clienst seem to move more fluently in Opera.

Infact, things seem to more more fluently overall in Opera. From loading pages to switching options, everything seems to flow nicely.

The only problems I’ve found so far is that Opera doens’t read some pages right. I’ve found problems with’s front page aswell as my homegirl STL’s page. Other than that, no problems. And my page works fine.

Opera can be found at and a full list of features can be found at


~ by Steve L. on May 19, 2005.

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