Time Flies

Happy June everyone. It kind of shocked me this morning when I looked on the clock and noticed it said “6/1” it. Anyways, summer is coming soon in a lot of respects. We’ve already had the “unofficial start of summer” just the other day on Memorial Day. We obviously have the “scientific” start of summer on June 21st. Meanwhile for me, summer begins at approximately 2:50 pm Central Daylight Time next Wednesday the 8th. That’s when I’m officially done with this quarter’s classes.

I know in my Mircosoft Apps. class that I’m in good standing as I’m getting everything done. I can’t say the say about my Pre-productions Techniques class. The problem I have without his class is it’s just so damn boring to me. It’s another one of those deals where the program is so broad that this class falls in one of the areas I’m not interested in. I constantly have to remind myself that everything ties into itself and that everything in here has a purpose when it comes to web design.

Still, this hasn’t been enough motivation for me when it concerns this class. So, here I sit with three actual class days left and I still have some work to do. This means I’ll probley be staying until 2:50pm for the first time in a while just to get stuff in. I just hope I don’t get any of my classic migranes that also like to hamper me during this class time.

Anyways, hope everyone is looking forward to summer like I am.



~ by Steve L. on June 1, 2005.

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