Officially Summer

I’m finally done with classes. I’ve yet to find out what my grades are yet, since they’re not posted on the college’s website yet. However, I feel confident in how I’ve done.

I’ve also made sure my FAFSA (federal financial aid) is in order for 2005-06 so that my education remains as free as possible.

I’m really looking forward to my classes next quarter. I’m slated to take Photoshop II and Web Design I. I’m really excited about the web design. I’m hoping in the process of that class that I can learn some things to spice up this here page you’re looking at now. So, don’t be surprised if some changes come next month or so.

The only downside I’m experiencing is that I’m now in the middle of five consecutive work days. I love the money and all, but, I need a little time to vegetate you know? But, I did see I get three out of four days off during the middle of next week so I suppose I’ll do my relaxing then.


~ by Steve L. on June 9, 2005.

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