Random notes…

Just had some free time between my classes; three hour’s worth to be exact. It’s only supposed to be an hour and 40 minute break. But, being that this is the first day of classes, it’s nothing but orientation today.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a few notes of things that have been going on around here.

First off, I can’t believe that I didn’t say anything concerning the approach and aftermath of Hurricane Dennis in the Pensacola area. So, how did things go down there? Well, my father rode out the storm, something that made me nervous up until Dennis’ sudden turn northward into the Santa Rosa County area to the east of Pensacola. I’m still awaiting official word from my dad on how things went. I’m guessing electricity is a possible issue.

However, I do know that Pensacola as a whole is in pretty good shape and that the Perdido Key area (not too far from W. Pensacola) reported minimal damage and has been open to the public for the last two days. So, I’m expecting a good report from my dad when I get it.

Now, back to good ol’ Lincoln. As I mentioned, I started classes again. I’m taking Web Design I and Photoshop II this quarter. This is the part of my course load that I’ve been looking to get into. I’m expecting to have a lot of fun with this as this is where I take what I do as a hobby (i.e. this page) and start to make a career out of it. Seriously, how many people can say they get paid for their hobbies? Exactly!!!

So, I’m expecting to start working on what could be some nice changes to the design of this page, not that there’s anything wrong with what I have. But, I’m looking to take what I already know and improve on that, which should produce some interesting results. So, stay tuned.

That’s all for now.



~ by Steve L. on July 13, 2005.

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