The Foreign Exchange – Connected

Excuse me for sleeping on this album. If it wasn’t for saving my preferences while I was browsing to see what’s out, I wouldn’t have even gave this disc a look.

As I didn’t, I’m sure the majority of you that are reading this have not heard of The Foreign Exchange.

FE consists of Phonte from Little Brother fame (check out LB if you haven’t done so either) and producer Nicolay. The two met on, where many mc’s and beatmakers like them often hang out online. The two started IM’ing each other, where Nicolay started sending over beats that Phonte would rap over and then send back (thus the group’s name). Neither of them knew that the final product would be Connected.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of Hip-Hop for the most part. I’m finding myself in a state where I’m tired of the mainstream and the mixtapes aren’t giving me enough of the underground artists I like. Connected is a breath of fresh air in times like these. With beats reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest or Slum Village and Phonte’s flows over those beats, the mixture seems to be a perfect marriage.

This is one of the few albums I can actually listen all the way through without skipping tracks. If you appreciate a change from the normal ignorance that is projected from radio station towers these days, check out Connected. You won’t be disappointed.

For more info check out the official site and listen to some sound clips from the album.


~ by Steve L. on July 15, 2005.

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