Just some ol shullbit

Made a few minor changes. First, I took down the sports blog. I starting thinking about that it says “hip-hop · sports · life” at the top of this page. It would only make sense to include all of that content on one page. so, expect some of that.

That brings me to another thing… if anyone knows of a blogging service that works as well as Blogger, cost as much as Blogger (i.e. free.99), and allows you to post your own templates but catagorize your blogs, let me know.

Anyways, I also provided a link on the left column for copyright info and my XML feed. So, you can now incluse me in your news readers and your My Yahoo! page if you really like rading this page enough. Personaly, that might be a scary thought to me so if you do choose to do that, keep that to yourselves.

Speaking of pages. I’ve started building my page for my Web Design I class. Wrote the extreamly basic code for it on Friday (everyone was given the same code), made my banner and added a photo today. An image of the page is below.

It’s nothing too major at this point. However, I doubt it’ll be anything that becomes my page in the future. I’m fairly happy with what I have right now.

Anyway, there isn’t too much to say for now.



~ by Steve L. on July 18, 2005.

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