Just a little news…

First off, I’ve put yet another new layout up. My web design and Photoshop classes have made a monster of me. This layout started as a project where I was to make a layout in photoshop. I didn’t have to slice it up, or code it, but I did anyway.

The other thing that’s going on is that it appears that I’m going to get some work study and internship in my schooling. I was approached with an offer to help redesign a lady’s business website and there is a possibility of getting paid for it. For this, I would have to learn PHP and how to work with the MySQL server, which is something we’re going to be learning soon anyway. I’ve also could get paid for some of my projects that I do in Web Design I, where my instructor would use my projects as examples for future classes.

I also found out that my program does internships with a company called Digital INS, who produces business related websites here in Lincoln. So, I have a good idea where I’ll be heading for my internships.

Anyway, hope the layout is friendly with everyone. I was hoping it was a little easier to find the navigation than the last one. If it would make you feel better if the site would extend down instead of it being constrained like it is now, drop me a note in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy.



~ by Steve L. on August 15, 2005.

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