Thoughts on Katrina

And I thought Ivan was bad.

I caught myself complaining to myself about having to get up and go to class this morning. Then, the thought occurred that, at least I have a warm bed to be in. At least I got a home, food in my fridge, and electricity to run that fridge. At that point, I counted my blessings.

I’ve found myself completely glued to the TV watching CNN, the Weather Channel, or whatever other news source I could find to catch a unique angle of this disaster down on the gulf coast. Even ESPN’s Sportscenter had it’s report on the aftermath of Katrina and it wasn’t just about how the Saints don’t have a home. But still, I’m glued. For many reasons. As you know, I grew up on the gulf coast. I’ve been through Gulfport, Biloxi, and New Orleans. I saw my first NBA game in Mobile. There’s a lot of memories attached to the area. 14 years worth.

I’m also glued to the TV because I truly feel sorry for these people involved. I was the same way with 9/11. I wanted to see every moment of everything happening so that maybe I could at least get a glimpse of the feeling that these people are feeling. Of course I really can’t. I haven’t lost my home, my business, any of my other belongings, and worse, my loved ones. But still, there’s a little pain in this situation. My prayers and my thoughts are with everyone involved.

This makes getting up and going to class easier to say the least.



~ by Steve L. on August 31, 2005.

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