I can’t even predict myself sometimes

OK, here I am, I’m this big Cowboys fan like I was as a kid, and I’m rootin’ hard for the Cowboys as they play the Eagles… a game the ‘Boys won in blowout fashion. Only a few days later, I happen to catch Real Training Camp: Seattle Sonics on NBA TV and suddenly I’m back into my old Northwest mode, like the teams I rooted for when I lived in Florida no longer existed.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t live all over the country so that I could settle down on one set of teams. Not that it’s that big of a deal, but, it would save me a lot of money on apparel.

This time, like other times, I say I’ll stick with my teams. I even wore my Washington Huskies hat this past Saturday… the Huskies came in to Saturday at 1-4 and were 16 point underdogs to Oregon. Oregon eventually kicked the Huskies ass to send them to 1-5 going into their meeting with the almost invincible USC Trojans. YAAAAYE!!! But, this is an example of the dedication I have for this at this point in time.

All this from the same person that committed to stop smoking cold turkey when he was 17 that sent him into a week long bout with shakes and migranes. I guess if I can make it through that, then a third consecutive dismal Huskies football season is nothing right? Of course, since the Seahawks are whoopin ass.



~ by Steve L. on October 18, 2005.

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