Random Ramblings

Well, looks as if I can’t resist watching the Sonics. Got the game on now. Guess when you root for a team for about 13 years or so, it’s hard to shake it. Don’t worry, I’m still watching the Bulls, who won in OT after trailing Charlotte by 25 at one point.

Anyway, not much going on with me. I’m to the point where I’ve totally blown off my Microsoft Applications II class. I’m having a hard time with it. Not so much because of the subject matter, but, because I tend to shut off from school mode as soon as I hit the door. I’m finding that I’m better off in the classroom when it comes to actually doing something. So, I’ll have to wait a couple weeks since I’m dealing with grants and you need a curtain amount of credit hours with those… but when the time comes, I’ll drop the class and take an incomplete and take the class another time.

As far as flash goes, I’m starting to get a “shell” or basic framework put together that I can use on flash pages. As far as understanding how to use the program, that’s all coming together gradually.

Other than that, there’s not too much going on here. So, I’m going to get back to this Sonics/Clippers game. Go Sonics!



~ by Steve L. on November 2, 2005.

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