Lost in the Spirit

I’ve actually been meaning to write this for the last few weeks, but, something has been on my mind.

I’m genually sick of Christmas. Not the celebration involved in it, but, the over commercialism that comes with it. To me, it has gotten to the point where Christmas is not so much about CHRIST as it is about the MASS quantities of gifts you may get this year.

Lost in the shuffle of all of this is Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of year… you got football going on, my birthday comes around, the weather gets nicer, and Thankgiving is the cherry on top of my entire fall. It’s about family, it’s about recognizing what’s good in the world, and giving thanks for those things. Of course, it’s also about relaxation… laying around eating turkey sandwiches and watching football. Here in Nebraska the biggest game of the year comes around, the matchup between Nebraska and Colorado. I love this holiday.

So, the last thing I want is it to be treated like it’s just being skipped over. For example, I work in a grocery store… you know that they were actually putting out the Christmas candy out on Halloween night? Halloween night!!!! Christmas decorations were up the next day. And it wasn’t just my store, it was Target, Wal-Mart, Shop-Ko, Southpointe Mall, Westfield Mall, ect. The city of Lincoln was ready for Christmas. About the only non-visible area is downtown where the Huskers still have a hold on the decor. All of this comes down to commercialization. Greed. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but isn’t greed a deadly sin? How ironic is it that a deadly sin gets wrapped up in the birth of Christ?

Don’t get me wrong, I do get the Christmas spirit… just after the fourth Thursday in November. I grew up Catholic… we have something called Advent that builds up week-by-week to Christmas (not sure if prodestant religions have this, sorry). And, even though my religious beliefs are in flux at the time, mainly because of how my schedule is structured, I still hold a firm belief in God. So, in a way, I feel it’s like a slap in the face to the religion the way corperate America goes about things.

Who knows? Maybe I’m a little overboard talking like this. But, I’m sure many of you have been just a little annoyed at the sight of animated light up reigndeer on store shelves in early November.

Y’all B.E.Z.


~ by Steve L. on November 23, 2005.

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