Skoo Goes To Jail

Yup, had to visit the Lancaster County Correctional Center today. I swear to you, however, that I am innocent.

No, seriously, I am. I was actually doing some filming and picture taking for a project for the LCCC (we’ll stick with that abbreviation since it’s a hell of a lot easier to type). The video that we’re piecing together is for the families and friends of inmates so they can see the process that a convicted felon goes through when he enters the correctional system. It’s supposed to bring some ease to mind (if possible) to those families so they can see that they’re well taken care of while in custody.

So, we took the trip down there. Nothing like the look of razor wire glistening in the morning sun (that was actually prison humor from our guide). My associate admitted he was a bit nervous being there. I wouldn’t admit to such thing. I was just cold as hell being it was only about 20 outside (below zero in Canada). But anyway, we took some shots, did some filming, and things seem to be going well with it.

We’re supposed to go back to do more shooting of the place (with cameras) on Thursday. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

‘Til then, B.E.Z.


~ by Steve L. on January 10, 2006.

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