Back into the rat race

Back to the grind for me. I started classes again on Wednesday. I’m expecting this to be a fairly challenging quarter for me as I start my day taking two classes at once with Page Layout II and Illustration I where I’m taking the Illustration as an independent course. From there, I have a lunch breaks and then I move on to Composition I. I usually don’t prefer to be in any of my general education classes, which the Composition is, since I’m usually out of my own element in the Mac labs creating web pages or whatever. I’m also not a fan of writing, even if it’ll end up being typed up. My creative mind don’t thrive in that area.

Anyway, I’ve been on the wild chase trying to get books before they run out as well as trying to find a copy of Microsoft Office for the Mac. I already have Office on the PC that I’ve given to my mom, but, I absolutely hate the keyboard on that computer. Not to mention I hate that computer in general after dealing with the quiet smoothness of my Mac.

So, be on the lookout as I’ll probably be posting my doings in those classes on here.



~ by Steve L. on March 31, 2006.

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