Today was one of those days where my time was absolutely wasted… at least for the most part. Being that it’s Thursday means that today was a class day. So, I make the trip to my 8 o’clock class, 15 minutes late, only to find the classroom dark and empty upon arriving there. Obviously, I didn’t get a memo about there not being class that day. So, I went to the Mac lab where all my stuff goes on in my program of study and hung out for about two hours before going to find lunch.

I walk 20 blocks over to the gateway Mall area, thinking I can get something at Runza, since McDonald’s wasn’t at all appetizing to me. Problem is, Runza only takes cash, and the ATM inside the mall wanted to give me no less than $20 and I’m pushin’ broke. With that, lunch ended up being chocolate covered raisins and green tea from Walgreens.

I get back to the college in time for my Digital Video Production class, where I expected to see the deadline pass for a music video project I’m supposed to be working on. Luckily, nobody showed up, but for a few people. Too few to hold a class and do show and tell. But, while I get more time to work, I also had another 2 hours to burn, since I don’t drive. If it wasn’t for my personal internet radio station I set up on the Mac at home and the fact that this was a good time to register, I would have gone nuts or simply fell asleep.

So um, how was y’all’s day?


~ by Steve L. on November 16, 2006.

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