My Last.FM for the week of February 4

I’m going to start something new. Every week, I’m going to take my most played artists list and basically explain my listening habits. For those not familiar, is a service that keeps track of what you listen to on your iTunes, Winamp, etc. and creates charts and recommendations based on what you play.

Here we go:

1. Eric Roberson – Eric is by no means a new artist. He’s been releasing music since 2001. But, he’s new to me, thanks to a recommendation from Little Brother’s Phonte. Quite simply, Eric Roberson is going to be a constant in my playlists from here out. I was so impressed with this man and his song writing abilities, I snatched all three studio albums this man has available. Oh and, a new album entitled “Left” drops February 13th. Look for that.

2. Darien Brockington – Very reminisant of Carl Thomas. A very earthy, but soulful voice, and he’s backed by the Just-Us League. Look for this cat.

3. Erykah Badu – Still love her music even if nothing has come recently. “Green Eyes” is a personal favorite.

4. Alicia Keys – Seems like no matter what I do, Alicia sneaks her way into my rotation. First, this shows I’ve been playing a broader range of music in terms of years, since Ms. Keys hasn’t released anything recently. Second, this shows her music is pure quality.

5. Norah Jones – With a new album out last week, I have mixed opinions. On one end, when Norah sticks with Jazz and Blues, I’m more than happy to hear Norah. But, when it comes to her trying Folk music out, I’m not so happy. Just doesn’t work in my opinion. Still, I’m a fan.

6. Sade – Ever since copping the entire discography, Sade looks to be a major fixture in my playlists. I can’t really argue with anything she does, and even the early stuff has a way to still sound modern.

7. Joy Denalane – I’ve tried bragging to you folks about this girl before, I’m going to keep it up. Please, please, please (c) James Brown… please check this girl out. A large reason why many haven’t heard of her in the States is because she’s from Germany. But, you wouldn’t know it from hearing her music. She’s soulful and seems totally in tune with everything going on over here. As a bonus, her album also features Lupe Fiasco, Raekwon, and up and coming crooner Governor (you know, dude all over T.I.’s album).

8. The Roots – The don’t call them “The Legendary” for nothing. By far the best live hip-hop show I’ve witnessed. Which explains why I played some of their live work last week.

9. Common – My favorite MC. Period. Chicago MC’s have a way to deliver a blue-collar way of life and Common led the way in that movement. It’s music that those of us that don’t own a Beemer or a chain can relate to. “Real People”.

10. Syleena Johnson – Another person that kept sneaking into my playlist. Still, I love her voice and her latest album.

That’s it for this week.

Leave comments and suggestions & check back next week.


~ by Steve L. on February 7, 2007.

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