My weekly Last.FM and some other notes

Due to me being in Kansas City, my chart for last week didn’t have a lot to offer. Basically, I have a three way tie for first and those artist got 5 plays each. Then, there’s a seven way tie for fourth, with 4 plays each. See, not a whole lot there.

But here it is:
1. India.Aire
1. Avant
1. Robin Thicke
4. Mary J. Blige
4. Common
4. Bobby Valentino
4. Shareefa
4. Ne-Yo
4. Van Hunt
4. Donell Jones

The thing that strikes me about last week’s chart is that Common is the only Hip-Hop artist in there. Everything else is R&B. Shows you where my moods were last week… I wanted things nice and easy. Feel free to check out my profile at , sign up, and add me if you like.

On the R&B tip, look for Eric Roberson’s new album “Left”. That drops Tuesday, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s (or tomorrow as I’m typing this). If you’ve been visiting my page recently, you’ve already heard one of the track off that album. But, I’m sure it’ll be a nice Valentine’s Day mood setter for you and yours. Look for it.

Another announcement; I’ve discovered a nice mixtape from DJ Mr. King of some nice 90’s R&B favorites. It’s entitled Bedroom Blends Pt. 1 (sounds nice huh?) and it’s availible at as a free download. Check for it.

That’s all I got. B.E.Z.


~ by Steve L. on February 12, 2007.

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