Impress Yourself

I have an issue that I’m working on fixing; being an impulse shopper. Even worse, going for a name brand.

About a month from now, I’m supposed to be heading down to my hometown Pensacola, Florida for the first time in eleven years, to see my dad and to see the city in which I was raised for 14 years. When I go down there, I’d like to have some money to take along. While I’m there, I’m also looking at the fact that I won’t be working for that six day period. All of this while still keeping up with my bills.

In the meantime, I have to replace some of the beat down shirts that I wear once a week. In the past, I would have gone to one of the malls here in Lincoln, stepped into one of the name brand stores, and picked up a name brand piece of clothing. Seriously though, I’m 28 years old. Who am I worried about impressing anymore? I’m out of high school. Time to stop the high school bullshit.

So, I take the trip down to the local Target store and pick up two nice shirts for $10 each. The same kind of shirt that would have cost me $40 – $60 elsewhere. They look just as good, feel just as good, and serve the same damn purpose.

One of the problems I have with our society is that we’re too influenced by the media. Someone gets on TV and says drink Coke, we drink Coke. Someone says shop at The Gap, we shop at The Gap. But we never stop to question whether or not shopping at the Gap is actually a better choice. We assume because it’s a name brand, that it’s better quality. In some areas, I do agree this is true when it comes to shoes and electronics. But a basic, plaid button-up shirt? Probably not.

When it comes down to paying the rent every month, buying the $10 shirt is a much wiser choice than the $60 one at the Gap.

Y’all B.E.Z.


~ by Steve L. on February 21, 2007.

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