Something new

Well, I found out what I’m going to school for is exactly what I’m meant to do.

My whole focus through my time at Southeast Community College was to sharpen my web development skills that I had developed just out of boredom before. I figured, what I was doing as a hobby or to pass time could actually turn into something profitable for myself. So, I went to school to get a little piece of paper saying, “I know what I’m doing”.

Well, yesterday, everything came together in my Portfolio Development class. The whole point of this session was to show our portfolios off to different creative professionals throughout the city of Lincoln. My whole portfolio was websites. I was really the only one pushing my web work and feeling sure about my web work. Luckily for me, two members of the five person panel were from Digital IMS, one of only a couple exclusive web design companies here in Lincoln. Even better, they liked my work.

One of the developers in particular took me aside to show me even more pointers and web sites that would help me along the way. The whole day in general was really encouraging and let me know that my career choice was a good one.

In saying all of this, I’ve decided to start the road back to creating my personal site. With everything else that has been going on with school, I’ve lost the energy to seriously focus on web work. But now, I’m just going to take a day at a time and hopefully build something nice. So, I’m starting with WordPress, a very nice blogging service, and one of their nice templates. My plan is to build my own web layout and have a full featured site that includes all of my work.

For now, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.



~ by Steve L. on March 9, 2007.

One Response to “Something new”

  1. Thats mad koo bro… i think one of the greatest things in the world is discovering your life’s purpose and being able to act on it.

    Alot of people go work on jobs that they hate but that are necessary to earn a living but it never seems like work when u are doing something that u love.

    stay up bro
    Much Love,

    – (*DW*)

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