The Madness Begins!

SEC Champs

It’s March and that can only mean March Madness!

After playing like they were completely bored for the last couple of week, my beloved Florida Gators decided to play hard and ended up winning all three of their conference tournament games by about 20 points each. This marked Florida’s second straight SEC tournament title and sealed the #1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament. The defending national champions look ready to defend their title.

Being the 31 seed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an easy road for the Gators. With teams like Arizona, Oregon and Wisconsin in the same regional bracket, Florida is sure to be at least challenged at some point. Still, I feel confident that Florida will prevail to the Final Four and then the national title, now that the Gators themselves feel like there’s something worth playing for.

The special thing about the NCAA tournament, however, is the tournament pools. This tournament is about the only time where you’ll get non-fans to pay attention to the happenings in college basketball, much less any other sport. Some people pick games with their heads while others pick them with their hearts, while others have some extremely random way to pick the games. Nonetheless, it’s still fun.

With that said, have fun if you’re getting into a tournament pool this month.

Go Gators!


~ by Steve L. on March 11, 2007.

One Response to “The Madness Begins!”

  1. Funny, I used the same headline for a post today. Dammit, maybe I should change it.

    Congrats to your Gators. I’m still puzzled, though, how they got the #1 overall seed. Florida was the sixth team in the nation through last Sunday, Ohio State was #1, and all OSU did was win 17 games in arow including beating the #3/#4 team soundly today.

    Never understood that seeding system.

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