Gator Raid…. again!

Seems like I’ve been getting spoiled lately.

A few minutes ago, I had numerous thoughts that I was ready to put into this post, that would make this post read like some professional wrote it. But, those thoughts quickly evaporated.

Instead, I’ll start out by saying that Ohio State fans should be proud of their team. They may not have won, but they didn’t quit until the bitter end. Greg Oden especially was impressive. The same kid that Al Horford pushed around back in December, was a determind force and probably should of been the Most Outstanding Player for the Final Four, despite the losing effort.

As a Gator fan, I am extremely proud of what this group did. To be the first school to not only hold both basketball and football at the same time, but to now hold it in the same school year. To be the first team to repeat with the same starting five is a testament to the four juniors in the lineup to come back and pass up NBA dollars. The unselfishness of this team is something to behold in this day of “me first” attitudes. I absolutely love this group and will miss them when they do decide to move on.

Concerning the future, the speculation is that the four juniors will move on to the NBA draft this June. My guess is if any of them stay, Taurean Green is my guess. But, my real guess is that we’ll have a new starting five next year. If they do come back, props to them and hopefully we’ll do it again.

There’s speculation that coach Billy Donovan will leave for Kentucky. That is something I seriously doubt will happen. Billy strikes me as a man who doesn’t put himself before his team. He strikes me as a loyal devotee ti the University of Florida. He’s had schools built in Gainesville, his children are now deep rooted in the community, and he just had his in-laws moved down there. Too many things point to him staying and man I hope he does.

In closing, I’ll reiterate how proud I am of this group. I appreciate the hard work they put in this year. I also congratulate the Ohio State Buckeyes once again for their effort. With that group, they could probably bring it home next year. In saying that, I’ve never been more proud to be a Gator… how great it is.



~ by Steve L. on April 2, 2007.

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