“It’s Over” for Donovan in Orlando


I took this screen snippet this morning to prove to everyone that Billy Donovan did actually sign on to be the Orlando Magic’s new head coach. Buy the end of the day it appears that reality will be no more.

A source close to the situation told the Orlando Sentinel that, “it’s over”. The Orlando Magic will not hold Donovan hostage and will release him from his contract, allowing him to continue his legacy at the University of Florida.

My thoughts? This is just weird. It’s not like we didn’t have Creighton University basketball coach Dana Altman flip-flop on taking the job at Arkansas. But, Altman never signed any paperwork on that.

But, take a second look at that picture above. Is it me, or does it look like Donovan is saying to himself “what have I done?”? I’ve seen Billy smile. He’s smiled quite a bit lately with the whole winning back-to-back championships thing. That’s not a Billy D smile when you think about it. Of course, it did take all of this backing out of a contract thing to make me think about that.

If indeed Billy does return to Florida, to me everything will be OK. Billy can do what we already know he does best and that’s coach college kids. The recruiting class will probably stay intact and Florida can continue winning the SEC like they’ve done over the past few years (OK OK, yes, it is a tough conference. Sorry for my arrogance Vols, ‘Cats, Hogs, and Tide fans.)

On the Orlando side, my guess is that Stan VanGundy (the winner in everyone’s Ron Jeremy look-a-like contest) will be the next coach in Orlando. If so, I like it, solely because he’s handled a dominant center before… some guy named Shaq. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Stan has also been with a winner (although it was Riley that re-took the job to win the title last year).

So, really, everything will be alright.

Right now it’s just really weird.


~ by Steve L. on June 4, 2007.

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