I thought this was against a man law!?!

Many of you probably remember the Miller Light “Men of the Square Table” commercials from a couple years ago. The ads featured actor Burt Reynolds, football star Jerome Bettis, wrestler Triple H, and comedian Eddie Griffin, among others. Here’s one example of these ads:

OK, so, don’t fruit the beer. Got it.

So I’m watching the tail end of a Chicago White Sox baseball game while on my last 15 minute break at work. And I see this:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT!!!! I thought I wasn’t supposed to fruit the beer. Did this mean, that I’m not supposed to fruit the beer personally, or that the beer should have no fruit in it period? It seems to me that Miller has broken their own man law by coming out with their own “Beera Colada”. This is like when your older siblings would tell you not to do something and then do it themselves.

Am I the only one that is bothered by this? Don’t challenge my manhood by insulting my thirst for a Corona with a lime wedge in it or a Boulevard with a lemon wedge, calling it unmanly and then go and do it yourself. The hell!!!

What does everyone think of this?


~ by Steve L. on July 10, 2007.

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