Using iPhoto ’08

Today I was happy to receive my copy of iLife ’08, Apple’s multimedia productivity suite for the Mac.

First off, I want to talk about the first app I opened after installing the software, iPhoto ’08. The first noticeable thing about iPhoto ’08 is the new Events view. Before, you got your general view that showed every photo in your library. For me, I currently have a library of 822 photos, that’s forever expanding. I’ve heard of some libraries being up to 5,000 or more photos. Really, that can be a lot of pictures to sift through.

Well, now, iPhoto will automatically recognize photos taken on the same day and organize them into “Events”. So, say you go out and take pictures of the fireworks on July 4th. Upon uploading those photos into iPhoto, it’ll instantly recognize the date those photos were taken and put them as a separate event you can call “Fireworks”, for example. On top of that, say you go on a vacation that goes over the stretch of five days, like I did back in March. If you would like, instead of having five separate “events”, you can merge those events into one single event just by dragging one event onto another. Pretty neat huh?

The other major feature is the .Mac Photo Gallery. This is cool because it allows you to upload your photos to a site online for all of your friends and family to see. On top of that, in the instance of a family reunion I was at a couple months ago, if you have an event that involves numerous people taking pictures, those people can upload their own personal collection of photos to the albums within your gallery, assuming you set the option. This way, you don’t have to worry about numerous galleries to show off you event. All the photos corresponding to that event are in one place. I have set up a album for the family reunion I attended back in June. Feel free to check it out and play around here.

Overall, my first impression of iPhoto ’08 is an extremely high one. I definitely suggest this software to any Mac user.


~ by Steve L. on August 24, 2007.

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