There she blows!

Found this on Seattlest:

(This story actually took place years ago but just came up in conversation recently and everyone at Seattlest realized it needs to be preserved here for posterity and for future historians to study…)

Johnny Ryan, the supreme king shit of scatological humor, once visited the Seattle offices of his publisher and became a part of the greatest moment in the history of “life imitating art” when his exit from the building was obstructed by a raining downpour of dog shit. The upstairs tenant’s dog was having a bad case of diarrhea and the liquified, smoldering canine butt sauce was dripping down in a steady stream through the cracks in the deck, comedically positioned over the company’s main entrance.

This spectacle is even funnier when seen in the context of Johnny’s accomplished work in toilet humor, including such recent masterpieces as this hilarious strip that includes projectile shitting and this memorable strip where dog shit is used to cure a brain tumor. Each of his strips deserve their own special, individually named bookmark in your internet browser’s bookmarks folder.

It needs to be pointed out, however, that although the above illustration depicts shit on man contact, this in fact didn’t happen and the downpour was effectively avoided by everyone involved. Praise Jesus.


~ by Steve L. on October 2, 2007.

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