Kibbles ‘N Bits 12.17.07

Today is my first day off in a couple weeks. What I mean by day off is day when I don’t have work or class and I have nothing to do for class. So, I’ve been spending the day getting a few things done.

My first order of business was to get things straight with AT&T. Last month I had to cancel my account since my iPhone was stolen, as some of you know. At the time, I was told all I’d have to pay for is the service I used to that point and the activation fee. Then, I get the bill on Friday and the thing reads $385.47. Apparently someone in the billing department didn’t get the memo of what I was told as they charged me the entire amount the original bill was (first & second month as all cell phone bills are the first time) and the deactivation fee, not to mention a late fee. Luckily the manager at the AT&T store remembered me and my situation and cleaned everything up, saving me $250. So, kudos to the manager at the AT&T store at Southpointe Pavilions.


My other orders of business included doing laundry, baking up the cookie dough that was in the fridge and cleaning up my space. I’ve gotten a little help with organizing those tasks with a little application called Anxiety. As you can see above, it’s nothing more than a HUD (heads-up display) window, like those you’d see in Apple’s iPhoto. Once you complete a project, just click the corresponding check box and it disappears from the list. The cool part is that it’s integrated with both Apple Mail and iCal, both of which have a To Do section built into them. I’m actually using this To Do function now that I have Anxiety (the program). Anxiety is free, but the developer would like donations as it’s the nice thing to do.

While I’m at it, I’m big on how my computer’s desktop looks and I’ve been big on the HUD look lately. I love the subtleness a HUD window gives while still being fully functional. So, of course, it would be very nice if my contact list in my instant messenger had this look also. Luckily, one of my favorite graphic artists, Hirogen, found a way to do this in my instant messenger of choice, Adium. Thank you, Hiro, for this. I’ve also found a HUD-like style for Growl also. And of course, there’s Twitterific, the app I use to feed my Twitter addiction at home.

And since we’re still on the desktop customization theme, I’m also back to using Desktopia, an application that’ll change your desktop wallpaper at whatever time you tell it to. This is very nice when you have wallpapers that show the same scene during the day and at night (see at top), much like the Yoritsuki set I found at Hybridworks (a very fine group of Japanese graphic artists.) Feel free to check out the wallpapers and icons there aswell as Desktopia if you’re on a Mac, they’re all free.

Comments, questions, and ideas are always welcome.


~ by Steve L. on December 17, 2007.

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