Don’t mind my drooling…

There’s a day in January where I stop everything and block out all the really important things in life. That would be the day Apple CEO Steve Jobs gives his yearly Macworld keynote speech.

Last year, this was the stage Jobs used to announce the iPhone. That gadget (which I still miss very dearly) won Time Magazine’s “Invention of the Year”. I could almost see that as an understatement having actually used one.

I love Apple. I officially became a switcher about two years ago, after I bought my first-generation Intel-based iMac two years ago. That product was also unveiled at Macworld in 2006. In short, something will be announced today, and only Steve Jobs himself knows what it is until it spills out of his own mouth onto the masses of eager Mac-loving puppies waiting for their treats. So, expect updates later, after I’ve had an opportunity to watch the keynote about two or three times on Apple’s website.

I just wish I didn’t have class today.


~ by Steve L. on January 15, 2008.

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