A Surprise Gift & Bluehost

Blue Angels

When I came home from class today, I was a little surprised to see that my dad had sent me something. I open it up and found it was a Blue Angels pin. Pretty cool if you ask me. If you’re wondering the significance of this, the Blue Angles flight team has it’s home base in Pensacola, FL, my hometown that I can’t shut up about. So, it’s just another one of those sentimental things that always make me perk up when I hear or see something about them.

Just thought I’d mention this.

One more thing of note, I must give a lot of praise to Bluehost’s customer service department. A couple weeks back I had decided to take the dive and bought myself some web hosting for the year. I wanted to do some more things with my page and eventually turn it into a portfolio, because I am after all a web designer that needs to sell himself in the future. So, I took the suggestion from WordPress and went with Bluehost.

Well, one day after having my blog hosted on there I noticed they had suspended my page because they weren’t successful in contacting me (I’m assuming by phone, although I had no calls). So, I gave it a little though and let it ride figuring that money I was putting out towards them I could use somewhere else and that without contacting me I wasn’t going to be charged. Apparently I was wrong.

I always keep my iPod Touch under my pillow to charge at night where I’ll just check my email from it when I wake up in the morning. Upon checking my email, I notice I have an email from my bank saying it had to tap into my overdraft protection. Me thinking I should have money left before all of this, I quickly got on my computer and checked my account where I find Bluehost did charge me.

Right away I call, pressed one button for their automated robot that you get with most customer service departments these days, and was surprised to get right through. Even more surprising was after giving my domain name, quickly explaining my situation, and then giving her the last four digits on my credit card, I was told no problem and that I would get a full refund. Awesome!

This is by far the least painful experience I’ve ever had with a customer service rep. So, big time kudos to Bluehost! I will definitely come back to you when the money is right.


~ by Steve L. on February 28, 2008.

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