Cameo Before Fame

OK, for the Hip-Hop and R&B connoisseurs out there, I want you to watch the following video, for Cool C’s “Glamourous Life”, closely. I actually had never seen this video until recently myself. But as I watched it, I noticed the girl of interest in this video is someone who has gained a bit of fame over the past few years.

I’ve discussed this with a few of you before, but if you want to leave guess, do so in the comments. What do you get for being right? Nothing. Except maybe looking like a genius to your friends as you show this off to them.



~ by Steve L. on March 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cameo Before Fame”

  1. *raises her hand* oh oh i knowww, I knoowww thee answerrrr!! lol its my girl Jilly from Philly!! Ms Jill Scott I think either sam or pj sent me the link to this video sometime last year and i was in shock when i took a double take of tha video! but mah gurl looked fly then and she is still fly now! POWER TO JILLY! lol

  2. Okay, I’m about as current as the clothing in this video, so you’re just going to have to help me out here! Just WHO is Ms. Jilly-from-Philly Scott?

    Hey, I lived in the Philly burbs for nine months and I still don’t know. I must say, however, that the fashionable clothing in this video was almost as hilarious as the camera work! Thanks for the giggles, Steve.

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