Sand Hill Cranes

This is some video I shot this morning of the sand hill cranes just outside of Alda, Nebraska. These birds, along with a few other migratory birds, come through Nebraska during migration in the Spring and the Fall. It’s one of the “hidden gems” we have up here. I apologize for the wind noise (it was only a 2 mph breeze, I swear). Wind noise is one of the reasons I’d like to move up to an actual video camera from my little point and shoot digital camera (which isn’t meant for video). Nonetheless, enjoy.

I’ll be posting photos soon.


~ by Steve L. on March 22, 2008.

One Response to “Sand Hill Cranes”

  1. WOW, Special Morning! Happy Easter! Quick question. I believe that the BIG airborne flock above the Cranes held way too many birds to be Sandhills. Were you able to identify them?

    You might experiment with a couple of layers of open weave cloth, a cottonball, or some open cell foam over the microphone to cut the wind noise and still let the sound through.
    Shunkmanitu Ska

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