WSJ’s Walt Mossberg Speaks On Digital Media, Braodband, and the 3G iPhone

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, one of America’s leading tech experts, spoke out on a few things of interest, at least for me, at an executive summit for in Washington on April 1.

First, he speaks on the purchasing of digital media. Although there’s still a lot of people who illegally download content, wether it’s music, tv shows, or movies, there’s proof that people will buy this sort of content online. For example, Apple’s iTunes Store just passed Walmart for #1 in music sales, online or offline. Really this make sense. I’m one of those people that wether I buy an album on iTunes or purchase it in a store, it will become a digital copy that I can use to put on my iPod, play within iTunes in a mix, or stream to my Xbox 360 while playing a game. The same goes for movies and TV shows. Fox just recently started releasing their DVD’s with a “digital copy” on the disc, one that you can transfer to your computer and play on your iPod if you choose.

TV shows have been another successful area for Apple. I’ve personally have bought a few shows, one of those being season one of America’s Game, the NFL Network’s excellent documentary series on Super Bowl champions. This is a series I would not of seen otherwise since Time Warner Cable has b.s.’d it’s way out of carrying the channel. What I purchased was a totally commercial free version of the show in good quality that I can use however I like.

Another method I’ve started using is recording shows straight to my computer using my EyeTV Hybrid, a small device and software package that turns my computer into a DVR. The cool thing about the software is that I can actually go in and edit out the commercials. This is one of the points I was glad to see Mossberg bring up. As you know, during most 30 minute shows, you will see about eight minutes of what Mossberg calls “terrible” commercials. He puts it this way because, let’s face it, most of the commercials you see really don’t appeal to you. So, it’s become understandable for people to pay not to see commercials, much in the way people are now paying for commercial free radio with Sirius and XM. Essentially, people are growing tired of the crap that’s being force fed to them.

Another thing Mossberg brought up is out poor quality of internet service in the US. This is possibly one of those deals where you don’t miss what you’ve never had. But now knowing that Europe and Japan are getting fast internet speeds than we are and that what many DSL providers are calling “broadband” would only pass for what we pay $10 for in the States in Europe is appalling. Secondly, cable companies frequently false advertise the speeds they’re giving you as well, often giving you less than half of what’s advertised while vastly overcharging you for it. Mossberg says this is where the next Presidential regime needs to step in.

Lastly, Mossberg mentions that we should be seeing the 3G version of the iPhone in the next 60 days or so. This falls in line with many other reports on the beautiful little touch screen device that does just about everything and embarrasses other cell phones while doing so. Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference is set for early June and with the newly release software development kit (SDK) being released in March and numerous training sessions set for the iPhone at WWDC, there’s been plenty of speculation. Also, the iPhone/iPod Touch 2.0 software update is due for June. Additionally, iPhone inventories have been low in all the locations the device is sold and T-Mobile Germany has even gone as far as giving a 300 Euro price drop in it’s stores. It’s all adding up.


~ by Steve L. on April 5, 2008.

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