Bronx-bred Red Sox Fan Buries Jersey in New Yankees Stadium

Chalk this man up as having the world’s largest grapefruits.

Construction worker, Gino Castignoli, took his one day to work on the new Yankees Stadium as a chance to bury a Boston Red Sox jersey within the stadium floor, in hopes of jinxing the building. Castignoli, a Sox fan since 1975, was born and raised in the Bronx, the epicenter of the Evil Empire itself. That alone takes some guts.

Oh, but this gets better.

Yankees President Randy Levine said team officials at first considered leaving the shirt where it was.

“The first thought was, you know, it’s never a good thing to be buried in cement when you’re in New York,” Levine said. “But then we decided, why reward somebody who had really bad motives and was trying to do a really bad thing?”

Then comes Yankees Executive VP, Hank Steinbrenner’s quote.

“I hope his coworkers kick the [crap] out of him”, Steinbrenner said according to the New York Post.

Said Castignoli in response, “Tell Hank he can come meet me if he wants to try – and tell him to bring [catcher Jorge] Posada, because he’s the one Yankee I can’t stand”.

Apparently, the Yankees might be considering taking legal action on the matter. “We will take appropriate action since fortunately we do know the name of the individual”, said Yankees CEO Lonn Trost. A spokesman for Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said Sunday he did not know whether any criminal charges might apply.

However, the Yankees will be showing at least a little class with this matter. The team plans on donating the jersey to the Jimmy Fund, a Red Sox based charity that funds cancer research, for auction.

Makes me wish I had the balls and opportunity to do something like this. I’d love nothing more than to jinx the new New York Mets stadium that’s being built at this moment.

Gotta love rivalries.


~ by Steve L. on April 13, 2008.

One Response to “Bronx-bred Red Sox Fan Buries Jersey in New Yankees Stadium”

  1. I had caught a blip of this on the news, thanks for the full story! Hope Callahan didn’t hide anything in the newer sections of Memorial Stadium…

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