So, I Went To a Baseball Game & Froze My Ass Off


While at work on Wednesday, I was offered Nebraska baseball tickets for Friday’s game vs. Kansas, by my store’s back room manager Randy. I’ve told him in the past that anytime he had to give them up, I’d be interested. At $10 a ticket, I can go with that.

At the time of buying these tickets it was supposed to be about 65 and sunny. Then this low pressure system that came through on Thursday decided it liked the Midwest and hung around for another day. So, upon starting the game at 6:40 pm on Friday night, it’s 45 degrees with winds out of the north at about 25 mph with dark grey skies. Even though it had stopped raining about four hours earlier, the air still felt damp. Not exactly baseball weather, unless it’s April in Seattle and you’re taking in a game at Safeco Field. I thought with how the stadium was positioned, we’d get a break from the wind. But, of course, it found a way to swirl it’s way around from several directions, as if to make sure every inch of us was cold.

Oh yeah, Pensacola was in the 70’s.

As for the baseball, the normally reliable Johnny Dorn, Nebraska’s starting pitcher, seemed to have two Kansas baserunners or more on in just about every inning. Nebraska, however, seemed to rally and get back into the game, eventually pulling out a win. Unfortunately, I only saw the first six innings due to time constraints (mom had to go to work) and, oh yeah, it was COLD!!! She actually went to the car about two inning ahead of me.

But I did take advantage of one thing I wanted to do, and that was take pictures of the very nice Haymarket Park, the home of Nebraska baseball and the Lincoln Saltdogs. Those photos are on my Flickr now.

I’ll be back to Haymarket Park next month as my hometown Pensacola Pelicans make their first trip into Lincoln. If you happen to be attending that series and wonder why there’s one completely insane Pelicans fan in the crowd, you now know why. For the third year in a row, the Pels will host the Dogs in Pensacola to open the season. It’s about time the Pels made a trip up here.

Take care folks.


~ by Steve L. on April 19, 2008.

One Response to “So, I Went To a Baseball Game & Froze My Ass Off”

  1. Bummer your tickets weren’t for Saturday, Steve. I showed up and it was sunny and warm. I did my part!

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