A Gator Went Down to Georgia


First off, I apologize for waiting two weeks to post anything on this.

So, I’ll guess I’ll be giving a brief summery instead of a day by day account.

My time in Georgia was short as we only had two and a half days to spend with my folks there. The first day was spent traveling in the first half, and basically lounging during the second half. This is also where I got reacquainted with my Aunt Janet’s constant asking “Are you sure you don’t want more?” at the dinner table. Mom complained about gaining weight after the trip. I’m not so concerned, I’d like another five pounds.

The second day there, we took a trip to Amicalola Falls, the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River in North America. The area there, as for a lot of northern Georgia, is beautiful. Being mid-spring there, the leaves were filling in enough on the trees with still a few blooms. The trees ride along the hills that make up the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain range. During a lot of the driving time we had out there, rock laden streams often ran along the roadside. Overall, the landscape there is much more interesting to me than the Nebraska landscape I see everyday.

My last full day there was spent lounging around a lot. It rained off and on until mid-afternoon, which kept my second cousin Will from catching lizards until then. A little later on, we all went to church in downtown Ellijay. For the first time in years, I actually enjoyed sitting in church.

I stopped going to mass within a couple years after moving to Lincoln, mainly because of the mood of the mass. Apparently, that’s due to the diocese that I live in, as it’s more cold and old world, in contrast to the more warm and liberal diocese I lived with in Pensacola. Also, the church that I’m to go to here, which is just around the corner from me, seems to be very family oriented. Being from a divorced family, I constant felt like an outcast there. The situation in Ellijay made me wonder if I’ll go again once I return to Pensacola.

I spent my last day out of town traveling for nearly 18 hours. It was tiring to say the least. I was also very annoyed by the fact that both the Memphis and Minneapolis airports use the same Boingo wifi service, which only gives you up to an hour of free wifi and then recognizes if you happened to use the service in a different airport that day. The idea of paid wifi services in a place where a lot of people only pass through on occasion is just not very practical to me.

Anyway, I did enjoy the time with my Uncle Jerry, Aunt Janet, cousin Steve and his wife and son. I thank you all for showing a good bit of hospitality to Mom and I while we were there.

I have some photos and video up that I took while I was out there.
Feel free to check out the photos on Flickr here.
And you can view the video here.


~ by Steve L. on May 17, 2008.

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